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John Zacek 
Czech Republic

              Breakthrough Annihilation Propulsion

  Fully functional Warp Drive 
Gravi-nuclear Propulsion in annihilation mode can be used as anti-gravitational
warp drive, for traveling to the deep Universe, at lightspeed. The annihilation energy
of a nucleus (energy of Small Bang) is used to generate time-space deformation.
This anti-gravitational deformation of expanding time-space on the back of a starship
creates gravitational thrust, which accelerates the starship.

  Principle of Warp Drive
Our Warp Drive works based on the same natural principle as the Big Bang, on
inflation of time-space. We ignite a small expanding universe - "Small Bang".
Big Bang was simply the annihilation of the biggest giga-massive black hole,
and after that expanding of time-space. We do similarly, but on a smaller scale -
we annihilate only a few atoms in the stream, inside the gravitational hole. 

Similar technology, a simple version of this anti-gravitational Warp Drive was
successfully tested in the year 1944,  known under the name 'Die Glocke'.
This project was top secret anti-gravitational propulsion for Nazi UFO (inspired
by Maria Orsic - Thule and Vril Societies, and Vimanas - sphere with mercury
propulsion, and Karl Schappeller Device). This was experimentally discovered,
but nobody else knows how that works.

So, Die Glocke was not a myth, but the first antigravitational propulsion, copied
from ET UFO. Similar engines are 75 years secretly tested under a cover name

  Colonisation of Galaxy
With Warp Drive, we could travel to the deep Universe, and colonize our galaxy.
Because we can travel at lightspeed, starship passengers will be traveling only 2-3
years to any of the planets in our galaxy. So, after three years of traveling, we
can see any of the 100 billion planets in the Milky Way. If there is a climate like
on Earth, we could simply start our own new civilization in this paradise.  


  Terraforming of planets
With Warp Drive, we can terraform planets like Mars, we can drive the impact of
moons to Mars, and create atmosphere, increase temperature, and make liquid water.

  Protection of Earth
With the possibility of correction of asteroids’ trajectory (e.g. Apophis), we can
protect the Earth from the impact with huge space objects.

   Search for intelligent ET
Intelligent life in space will use the same Warp Drive as we are. So, we need to
search for Gamma-Bang shocking gravitational waves (with secondary photons
emission - similar to a supernova, but continual). Intensity can be moduled and
messages can be transmitted over the galaxy. Warp Drive is the identification
of intelligence in the universe.

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