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Unified Theory of Everything
explains how everything works
from sub-particles to the universe.

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John Zacek  
Czech Republic

   Energy - most important substance in universe

    Unified Theory of Everything
                        revolution in science
The ToE defines the new unified models of time-space, and particles,
          and time-space structures, and atom, and universe.

The new model unifies time-space (energy) and mass, as two forms of the same substance, fabric
from two sub-particles electrinos, positrinos and two forces, which create the complete Universe.
              The Unified Theory of Everything will start a revolution in Science.
The Theory of Everything is based on new unified models of fundamental particles,
time-space, and time-space structures, atoms, and Universe. This theory can explain
each of the mysteries of physics - like gravitation, action of mass, dark energy, dark
matter, interactions, what is time, photon, graviton, time-space, how atoms and the
Universe work, etc. Thanks to the Unified Theory of Everything, there will be a new
nuclear age for us in the next few decades, when we will massively use nuclear
energy from small non-radioactive nuclear reactors and drives. Gravitation is key
for obtaining unlimited energy.

This theory is about Everything because it primarily defines and explains time-space,
that fills 99.99% (almost everything) of our Universe, and it is the most important
substance in the Universe. People are in interaction with two basic substances in the
Universe - mass and energy, but both represent time-space structures - graviton and
photon. Time-space - it is not nothing, it has fundamental particles and sub-particles,
and it is carrier of fields, and represents energy and mass itself (measurable).
In the Universe, mass is in minority; in reality, it is only an anomaly in time-space.
Unified means that this theory unifies mass and time-space (energy) as two forms
of the same substance, because both were created from the same two fundamental
sub-particles, therefore we can make mass from time-space, and the other way

This theory explains how and why the Theory of Relativity works, and explains, in
particular, how that works on particle level. The theory also explains why we had to
use, until now, quantum mechanics, and why we see something else than what really
happens, and also clarifies the Mass–energy equivalence, the Wave–particle duality,
and other effects, like quantum tunneling, Young's double slit experiment, the
Casimir effect. This new model replaces all quantum theories and confirms and
proves the rightness of the Theory of Relativity. The Unified Theory of Everything
finally returns to theoretical physics from mad quantum theories back to reality

(and accomplishes Albert Einstein's dream).

The ToE defines fundamental postulates, based on which physical laws work. The
Unified model defines particles of time-space form – energons, and the sub-particles
electrinos and positrinos, as being basic sub-particles of our Universe, which create
time-space, and energetic fields, like electrostatic, electromagnetic, gravitation, time,
light. The same sub-particles, in other form, create all fundamental particles of mass,
like neutrons, electrons and positrons. The theory explains how this form is changed,
from energy to mass, and the other way around, from mass to energy. It defines the
time-space structures photon and graviton, as most important elements in the world,
which represent energy and mass. This theory creates new cosmology, explains what
was before the Big Bang, and how our Universe was created, what is relic radiation,
and every cycle of structure of our Universe.
    With this knowledge, in the near future, we can manufacture miniature
non-radioactive gravi-nuclear reactors, as a source of clean and cheap energy for
homes and cars, and in the not too distant future, we will use gravi-nuclear
propulsion for traveling to the deep Universe.

          Thanks to the knowledge of the Unified Theory of Everything,
                                            we have a 300-year lead

It is a breakthrough in understanding how everything works in the Universe.

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This knowledge can save billions of dollars that scientists today spent on expensive experiments,
trying to find mirages like dark matter, or dark energy,  testing the Theory of Relativity, or numerous
sometimes mad quantum physics experiments. Without this knowledge, no one can build an effective
fusion or annihilation reactor or nuclear propulsion engine for traveling to the nearby stars systems.                   
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