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Unified Theory of Everything
explains how everything works
from sub-particles to the universe.

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John Zacek  
Czech Republic

   Energy - most important substance in universe

        Unified Theory of Everything
                        revolution in science
The ToE defines the new unified model of time-space, particles,
structures and atom.

The new model unifies time-space and mass, as two forms of the same substance, generated
from two sub-particles, which create the complete Universe, and two time-space structures,
photon and graviton, which represent energy and mass; and these new models explain
hundreds of mysteries of physics. The Theory of Everything explains how and why the
previous Theory of Relativity works, especially on the particle level, and allows counting
everything on a fundamental level.

It is a breakthrough in understanding how everything works in the Universe.

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With buy ToE you contributing to research and developing Gravi-nuclear Reactor.

This knowledge can save billions of dollars that scientists today waste on expensive
experiments, trying to find mirages like dark mater, or dark energy, doing non-effective
measuring like gravitational waves, testing the Theory of Relativity, or leading numerous
mad quantum experiments, and many other physics experiments. Without this knowledge,
no one can build a functional fusion reactor or nuclear propulsion engine for traveling to
the nearby stars systems. This knowledge is a 300-year advance in Science.
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