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Gravi-nuclear Reactor.

The Gravi-nuclear Reactor
uses the same verified
principle as stars - gravity.


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John Zacek  
Czech Republic

               Breakthrough Energetic Technologies  

                    Gravi-nuclear Reactor
             as small unlimited source of cheap and clean energy

We offer a license on strategic nuclear technology, unlimited a source of cheap clean energy,
which can replace all fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal), and can decrease carbon emissions on zero.
This new safe nonradioactive nuclear technology is based on the same principle as natural
reactors inside active planets or suns, on gravitational principle. The  Gravi-nuclear reactor
is 1-3m small a source of cheap clean energy, which can run in fission, or in fusion, or in
annihilation mode, or in hybrid modes. Gravi-nuclear reactor is very safe, because needs
only a few grams of less radioactive elements like eg. Thorium, or for fusion use Deuterium,
and for annihilation can use any elements. Most effective is in hybrid fission-annihilation
mode, where is 1000 times more effective than a fission reactor, and 1000 times cheaper
than today's dangerous radioactive nuclear technologies. So Gravi-nuclear power station
can cost only a few million, not billions as today's nuclear power stations. A similar version
of the reactor was successfully tested as top-secret antigravitational propulsion copied from
ET UFO. This technology can save civilization after the end of fossil fuels, and in the future
allow traveling to the deep universe and colonize the nearest habitable exoplanets.

In developing is multiple basic commercial products:

- 10kW 1m small fission boiler in price about $5K
[gas and coal boiler substitute]

- 20-100MW 3x3x6m small Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation mobile electric power
station, 1000 times cheaper than today's nuclear power stations about $10 million,
which can be simply transported near to the customer.

[gas and coal and radioactive nuclear electric power station substitute]

- 20kW  fission turbogenerator for electric cars hybrid engine
[gasoline engine substitute]

Gravi-nuclear fission and fission-fusion thermal turbojet and ramjet propulsion for
stratospheric hypersonic airplanes.

[kerosine turbojet engine substitute]

- Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation propulsion - anti-gravitational Warp Drive,
so launch on orbit will be 10 times cheaper, in 10 days on Mars and 7 years to Proxima
Centaury B (in 2-3 years time of astronauts can be on any habitable planet in the galaxy).

[chemical rocket engine substitute]

     LICENSE for EU, UK and US, Canada only
with license on Gravi-nuclear reactor can be a nuclear power station 1000 times cheaper

research & developing LICENSE - one Gravi-nuclear Reactor  $1mill
for developing (proof of concept) every version (cooperation)      limited offer
manufacturing LICENSE - $500K/10pcs Gravi-nuclear Reactor   $5mill
          prepaid for series manufacturing (cooperation on developing)    
manufacturing LICENSE - $100K/100pcs fission-fusion turbine $10mill
          prepaid for volume manufacturing (cooperation on developing)    
manufacturing LICENSE - $1K/10Kpcs - fission boiler              $10mill
          prepaid  for mass manufacturing (cooperation on developing) 
Assembling prototype of Gravi-nuclear Reactor (proof of concept)     $5million
          it is 4000 times cheaper than similar project ITER 

R&D Service - $10-20k/month

      For increased efficiency and decrease the size and guarantee safety, is necessary to
           invest $10-100 million, to getting prototype series, ready for mass production.

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