The Gravi-nuclear Reactor
uses for igniting nuclear
reaction the same verified
principle as stars - gravity.


Similar technology used all
advanced civilizations in the

          We build
    sustainable world.


John Zacek  
Czech Republic

               Breakthrough Energetic Technologies  

                    Gravi-nuclear Reactor
             as small unlimited source of cheap and clean energy

We offer a license on strategic nuclear technology, an unlimited source of cheap clean energy,
which can replace all fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal), and can decrease carbon emissions to zero.
This new safe nuclear technology is based on the verified principle of natural reactors inside
active planets or suns, on gravitational principle. The gravi-nuclear reactor can run in fission,
in a fusion, or in annihilation mode, but the best efficacy has in hybrid modes. Gravi-nuclear
hybrid fission-fusion thermal reactor is about 5cm small 1-20KW source of cheap energy,
which can power single-family homes. The rector is very safe because uses only a gram of
less radioactive Thorium. Gravi-nuclear fission reactors can be used for liquidation spent
nuclear fuel. from one pellet can get 30 times more energy than in today's obsolete reactors.
Most effective is hybrid fission-annihilation antigravity reactor (E=mc2), when 30cm small
reactor from a few grams of Thorium can generate 600MW energy, is 30000 times more
effective, and manufacturing is 1000 times cheaper than today's nuclear technologies.
Fission-annihilation reactor does not need any water cycle or mechanical movable parts,
and with piezo-generator complete mobile nuclear power station is only 1-2 meters small.

Fission-annihilation 30cm small antigravitational propulsion can transport objects about
20ton in 1-2 hours to anywhere on Earth, without any pollutions. In the atmosphere can
accelerate to speed Mach 9, but in space can accelerate to lightspeed.  A similar version
of antigravitational propulsion was successfully tested as a top secret military project,
copied from ET UFO (TRL9). This technology can save civilization after the end of
fossil fuels and solve an energy crisis, and in the near future allow traveling at
light-speed to the deep universe and colonize the nearest habitable exoplanets.

This technology can replace all engines on fossil fuels on the planet, decrease emissions to
zero, and change more than one industry sector. Technology can bring to entrepreneurs
multiple trillions of dollars a year but need to invest in every new product and to
manufacturing, one to a hundred million dollars. With this cheap license, you get
thousands of years of leadership in technologies and knowledge.  
Principles are verified, we tune cheap mass manufacturing.
                                  20 years of research and developing
In developing is multiple basic commercial products:
- 1-20kW 5cm small fission (fission-fusion) thermal reactor in low price  
[TRL3 now, prototypes in 2022]

- Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation propulsion - anti-gravitational propulsion
[TRL9 in top secret military projects]

- 1-100MW  small Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation mobile power station
- Winged sun anti-gravitational transporter

             LICENSE for NATO members only

Cheap license on technology Gravi-nuclear reactor - unlimited source cheap clean energy
and  antigravitational propulsion. So, you get thousands of years of technology leadership.

LICENSE - on Gravi-nuclear Reactor - transfer know-how  $1mill
+ $1mill royalties from everyone fission-annihilation reactor or
+ $1k royalties from everyone fission or fission-fusion reactor 
        for developing 
every version, completed know-how, include support and cooperation,
        including the teaching of advanced physic (without understanding advanced physics,
        you can not figure out the principle.).
PREPAID LICENSE on production only fission or fission-fusion reactor 
       manufacturing LICENSE
- $1000/500pcs fission-fusion reactor      $500k
        prepaid license  for mass manufacturing of fission-fusion reactor, only design, no know-how  
        (for water heater cheaper than gas boiler)                            
volume rebate, prepaid royalties

       manufacturing LICENSE - $100/100Kpcs fission-fusion reactor   $10mill
         manufacturing LICENSE - $10/10Mpcs fission-fusion reactor    $100mill

Prototype of fission-fusion reactor    (proof of concept) -         $9900,-   soon
        (single-family home energy source, 10 times cheaper than gas) 
Prototype of fission-annihilation reactor, antigravity propulsion -     $10mill
         (10 times cheaper than chemical rockets)                               

Prototype of  fission-annihilation mobile nuclear power station   -     $15mill
(1000 times cheaper than today's nuclear power stations)         

       Thanks to the knowledge of advanced physics ( knowledges of our Gods)
                      we can assemble traditional Toys of Gods.
Prototype of  Vajra, Scepter   -     $1mill                   
       (personal pocket-size nuclear thunderbolt weapon)
Prototype of "Thor's Hammer"   -           $5mill
(personal antigravity transporter)                   
Prototype of  "Winged Sun" anti-gravitational transporter (cargo) $20mill
       (cheap all-world transportation - 20 tons in few minutes anywhere) 
Prototype of flying saucer - UFO   -           $40mill
(500 times cheaper than US UFO)                                          

Services (EU, USA)
R&D Service (cooperation on developing) -   $10-20k/month
Launch satellites on any orbit (max 20 ton) -     $11mill   soon

A cheap license on technology does not contain the price of the development of products.
To guarantee safety is necessary to invest another $1-100 million, to get production of safe series.

              If you are not part of solution, you are part of problem,
      as everybody who use electric energy or gasoline or gas (fossil fuels)
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