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John Zacek
Czech Republic

             Breakthrough Energetic Technologies
               "Unlimited source of cheap and clean energy"
Copy of Gravi-nuclear reactor was verified in multiple top-secret military projects.
Technology is developed and tested last 75 years under the cover name "UFO".
But this technology of gods was on planet Earth used for building the first
(temples and pyramids) about 10000 years.   
  Some versions of this technology were successfully verified in 
  1943-44year, when fission version was tested in the enrichment 
  of Thorium to U233 and 6 under-limit nuclear detonations, 
  and discovered antigravitation, in project "Die Glocke"
  (inspired by telepathic medium Maria Orsic, and Vimanas
  - spheric mercury
propulsion), is known too as  Nazi Bell,
  finished to Haunebu (1946). Similar technology is 75 years
  secretly tested under the cover name "UFO", so 
was observed 
  by thousands of peoples. But it is copied by reverse engineering,
  so nobody else understands to this technology.

  First generations of copies (Die Glocke - Foo Fighters) have
  pulsating corona light (green or orange),  which is caused by
  not solved  fluctuations, (shocking anti-gravity waves), it is
  dangerous for living tissue, especially to DNA (therefore first
  generations was only drones). Next generations Haunebu -
  flying saucer was finished in a secret base New Swabia under
  Antarctic ice (1946). After the destruction fleet of admiral
  Byrd (Operation Highjump) and the accident of Haunebu near
  Roswell (1947) was secret development moved to Area51(S4).

  After WW2, was created Rusian version of a plasma reactor,
  copied only from interception about Die Glocke, without an
  understanding of the functionality, known under the name
  Tokamak. As most promised fusion reactor, it is now building
  as ITER. (but fusion can not be effective because Tokamak
  complies  only one (from 4) condition - high temperature).

The last genius Nikola Tesla had knowledge about antigravity technology too,
but he had no money for realization. (questions is how was mentally connected
because it is the same design as Haunebu, with the precise design of the antigravity
reactor, therefore documentation is a top-secret in safes of the FBI).
But the antigravitational reactor is on Earth for about 10000 years, was used to build
pyramids, his symbol is the "Winged Sun". Anunnaki reactor based on the principle
of the sun is small ball with hooks, which lifts up about 100 tons. Thanks to this
anti-gravity technology, were created many civilizations, and megalitic objects on this
planet. So, I am not in this galaxy first, who invented anti-gravity technology, but only
one on Earth, who understands that, thanks to knowledge advanced physic.


   The last, complete and probably functional Anunnaki
   Winged Sun antigravity reactor (30cm metal ball with
   four crossed hooks) has Mother of God - Derzhavnaya).
   So, the last god was the last ET - the Extra-Terrestrial
   on our planet. With this engine, Jesus made those miracles.
   The later, kings used similar imitation as a Globus cruciger,
   Orb (as a symbol of leadership, the scepter probably was a
   remote controller). The last original part of the Anunnaki
   antigravity propulsion was venerated as "Sangrail"
   (Sangraal, or Sangreal, or Holy Grail  - 1/2 of the ball
   with handle - a chalice - today's imitations are sports
   trophies Fed Cup,  Davis Cup, Stanley Cup). It is the first
   visual proof of the existence Winged Sun. Antigravity
   reactor generates in the mass (hair) glow - aureole.
A Vajra (dorje) is a ritual weapon
the properties of a
(irresistible force).  
In reality, it is a fission (fission-fusion)
reactor, which generates a gamma
beam, which created the thunderbolt
effect (ionized channel in the
atmosphere).  Vajra (thunderbolt,
lightning blade) was used to create
Kailasa Temple (Kailashanatha,
Ellora) carved from a rock cliff face.

Thor's hammer we know only from myths but works
  precisely like was described, is a combination of Vajra
  (thunderbolt blade) and Winged Sun (antigravity
  transporter). It was the best of Toys of Gods. Thor's
  hammer has the simplest construction (hand
  vectorization of thrust, and hand igniting of the
  antigravity propulsion) so can be made in the garage.

  Some of the scepters were similar
  as vajra - thunder-cleat 
  lightning blade) (known too as
  Solomon's shamir worm) so

  with this, we can cut-off stones.
  Vajra or Scepter and Winged Sun
  were used as powerful tools to
  build megalithic buildings
  (including pyramids). Reactor
  generates 3mm thin gamma beam
  which can cutting off 20 tons
  stone block in few minutes.
  Egyptian symbols were burned off
  into a stone through a lead mask.

King Solomon's Shamir used it in the building of the First Temple
in Jerusalem in the place of cutting tools. Later was Shamir used
for powering a Golem (Prague Golem - 1600) as "Šem ha-meforaš"
[fission of basic] (fission reactor used as gamma beam - plasmatic
separator - for cutting off stones, or separating compounds into
elements - water pyrolysis - for first steam engine Golem).

This is a cut on a stone block by Vajra (scepter, shamir).

  In time WW2 rapidly increased the technology 
  level of our civilization. Probably in orbit were
  real ETs, and the geniuses of the time had mental
  contact. But everybody was shooting on UFO
  (Battle of Los Angeles 1942) therefore they did
  not try physical contact with nations in war. 

    Sumer - Anunnaki explains
    on the model how works
    antigravity propulsion
     - Winged Sun (inside you
    can see X-ray and gamma-rays).                     


  The "Flower of Life" symbol is
 the construction of fundamental
 particle electron and positron
 from sub-particles electrinos
 and positrinos, on the picture
 (in The Osirion temple) is the
 creation reaction of positron
 and electron under the horizon
 of events (first orbit of an atom)
 from gamma photon in an
 electric field (in opposite to
 annihilation reaction).

 Inside the Ark of the Covenant
 was Aaron's rod (scepter), which
 powered the generator of mana
 and probably a universal probe
 "Winged Sun"  (which takes
 Menelik and a scepter relocated
 to Lemba's Ngoma Lungundu).
 The nuclear plasma reactor is
 activated by high voltage from a
 piezoelectric crystal, so by
 sound (trumpeting from a horn
 or by drum), or with a thump.

  Crop circles are made by Winged
  Sun (about 25cm small glowing ball)
  antigravity propulsion. It is a form of
  communication. Multiple of these
  Winged Suns (ET satellites) are still
  in orbit from the time of contact for
  triangulation of positioning (ET GPS).
  These automatic satellites can go
  down nearest to the surface of the
  Earth and write on land "You are not
  alone in the universe".

 About 20 of "Winged Sun" - ET probes (about 25cm
   glowing balls) still operate around of our planet for many
   thousands of years, observing our level of civilization.
   Sometimes that can be seen in places where was born
   any of the first civilizations on Earth (Stonehenge,
   Temple Mount). Probes operate on low orbit, but can
   in a few seconds go down nearest to the terrain (1m),
   to get details, can make Crop Circles, and in a few
   seconds return to orbit. After exhaustion of nuclear fuel,
   goes down on the ground, and someone can find it
   (Betz Sphere). 

"With the wisdom of ages and the knowledge of Gods
         we can save civilization on the planet Earth".

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