John Zacek 
Czech Republic

                  Breakthrough Energy Solutions

             Gravi-nuclear Reactor
  Everybody knows about global warming and climate change, about non-sustainable energetic
sources on which is build our civilization, but real catastrophe will be the end of fossil fuels.
We can not immediately solve today's energy crisis, which starting thanks to extremely
expensive renewable sources of energy and emission permits. But, if will be invested about
10 billion (less than to the experiment ITER) in genial technology, we can save our civilization
in near future (before end of fossil fuels).

    Therefore we developed an unlimited source of clean, cheap energy, based on principles of
natural reactors inside active planets or suns, on gravitational principle. Gravi-nuclear reactor
is a small reactor that can run in fission, fusion, or annihilation mode, but the best efficiency
has in hybrid modes. Because is not use a chain reaction, but the nuclear reaction is ignited
gravitationally, needs only a few grams of radioactive element eg. Thorium, and therefore is
reactor safer. Reactor burning 100% of radioactive elements, so no radioactive waste (can be
used for liquidation of spent nuclear fuel, can get another 96% energy from one pellet, today's
reactors use only about 3%). About 30 times better efficiency we get in hybrid Fission-fusion
thermal reactor, which works on the verified principle - nanometric permanent thermonuclear
explosion. We ignite inside the focus of plasma a nanometric artificial sun, with high
temperature, high density of plasma, high gravitation, and high density of gamma photons.
We decrease the serial manufacturing price of this reactor from 30billion (ITER) to 30 Euros.
This safe, about 20cm small 1-20kW thermal reactor can power a single-family home. Most
effective is the Fission-annihilation antigravity reactor, it is 30000 times more effective than
today's nuclear reactors (thanks to annihilation E=mc^2). About 40cm small 20kg lightweight
a Fission-annihilation reactor generates about 600MW energy. It is not a thermal but an
antigravity reactor, therefore, can directly rotate with an axle of the generator. Complete
nuclear power stations have 2 meters and can be 1000 times cheaper. This reactor can be
used as propulsion and have a thrust of about 100tons, so can replace all engines on fossil
fuels, and can decrease emission to zero. Propulsion can accelerate in the atmosphere to
Mach9, in space can accelerate to light-speed (possibility transporting cargo - over space
in few minutes - max 2 hours).

   In the future, this technology can replace all engines on fossil fuels - cars, trucks, trains,
ships, airplanes, rockets, and power stations, and can decrease pollution to zero. Unlimited
source cheap clean energy can replace all not sustainable fossil fuels, and extremely
expensive renewable sources. This technology will allow traveling to the deep universe at
light speed and colonize the nearest habitable exoplanets (we can be civilization type II -
stellar civilization).

  The Fission-annihilation reactor is the only one in the universe unlimited source of cheap
clean energy, and in history was used to build many civilizations in the universe (not only on
Earth). On Earth was used (Annunaki Winged Sun) to build multiple first civilizations
(megalithic buildings include pyramids). Similar technology was copied in top-secret military
projects (in WWII "Die Glocke", Haunebu, and later reverse engineering in Area51).
This technology works on knowledge of advanced physic, which I write to Unified Theory
of Everything (for thousands of years overcome today's knowledge of physics). In a new
model of fundamental particles, atoms, and universes, works Theory of Relativity on
particle level and can be everything calculated (replace all quant theories, include
uncertainty principle). The Unified Theory of Everything explains many physical
mysteries, include generating gravity and antigravity, and annihilation of mass by
gravitational collapse.

  The construction of this reactor is very simple for manufacturing, but it is nuclear
technology with high power, so is necessary to respect safety in experiments. Therefore is
necessary to invest in this technology more, because need solves safety problems. When
starting propulsion is necessary respected perimeter 50meters (for starting rockets is 7.5km).
For the first starting of the reactor is perimeter 50m, if runs linearly, can stay near 5 meters.
In the frame of funding, we will develop mainly a small fission-fusion thermal reactor, which
is highly safe. On the fission-annihilation antigravity reactor, we will do proof of concept,
because developing a nuclear power station needs higher funding. The first commercial use
antigravity reactor will be price effective launch satellites to orbit because there we can
guarantee safety.

  A small fission-fusion thermal reactor is designed for cheap mass production, so we will
primarily test maximum power because this manufacturing technology has a size limit (15cm).
We will test different nuclear fuels, to maximalize safety and minimalize price. Commercial
application is primarily heaters, boilers for heating of water, for the heating of the house.
Passive houses need only 1kW for heating. With power, about 10-20kW can be reactor
used for powering a car (for heating in winter and for charging of battery or supercapacitors).
This reactor is high safe because uses less than a gram of thorium and gamma mirror which
protect everything around.

             Thanks to the knowledge of the Unified Theory of Everything,
                                         we have a thousand years lead.
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