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Theory of Everything


  Time to finish fossil fuels 

This technology can
replace all fossil fuels
and decrease carbon
emissions on zero.

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R&D of Gravi-nuclear Reactor
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We ignite an 1nm small
artificial sun, permanent
thermonuclear explosion.


Gravi-nuclear principle
ignite nuclear reaction
by increase gravitation,
similar like natural
reactors in active
planets and suns.


Gravi-nuclear fission-
annihilation reactor is
the most effective energy
source, it is 30000 times
more effective than todays
fission reactor.

Gravi-nuclear Reactor -
an unlimited source of
cheap clean energy

Annihilation reactor is
most powered energy
source in universe.

In the whole universe,
exist only one physics,
and therefore exists only
one solution for sustaining civilization on the planet.


Gravi-nuclear technology
is clean nuclear technology
- no radioactive waste


Annihilation reactor can
be so small, because it is
not thermal reactor, but
antigravitational reactor.

reactor is 1000 times
smaller and 1000 times
cheaper than traditional
nuclear power stations.

Unified Theory of Everything
first real knowledges how the
universe works

       We build
 sustainable world.


John Zacek
Czech Republic

                  Breakthrough Energy Solutions
              "Unlimited source of cheap and clean energy"
 Gravi-nuclear reactor (Fusion Fission Annihilation)

    The Gravi-nuclear reactor can run in fission, fusion, and in nuclear annihilation mode. 
The Gravi-nuclear reactor runs on the same principle as every natural reactor, e.g. inside 
active planets or suns - that is, the gravitational principle. The smallest size (5-30cm) have
in hybrid fission-fusion mode when is about 30-300 times more effective than today's 
reactors. Best effectivity get Gravi-nuclear reactor in hybrid fission-annihilation mode, 
there generating about 30000 times more energy than today's reactors (E=mc^2). The
Gravi-nuclear reactor is safer because uses only a few grams of radioactive elements 
(burns of 100% of fuel, e.g. Thorium), and in plasma in the vacuum chamber, only 1nm 
small artificial sun (permanent thermonuclear explosion) is ignited. 

   It is the first technology that can replace non-sustainable fossil fuels, and expensive
renewable sources, and dangerous nuclear sources, and will start the new age - stellar 
civilization (type II), with cheap and clean sources of energy. This technology can 
replace all engines, all cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, rockets, heaters, and 
power stations, which use fossil fuelsand thus can decrease emission to zero.

   This technology is not a sci-fi project like Tokamak (ITER) and other non-successful
fusion experiments based on miracles known as quant tunneling. We drive an effect 
known as quant tunneling (eliminate Coulomb forces) for effective fusion. For effective 
nuclear reaction are inside the reactor - all four conditions as an inside the sun - high 
temperature, high density of plasma, high gravity, and high density of gamma photons.
In the new safe principle, we do not use chain reactions as dangerous nuclear weapons, 
therefore inside the plasma of the artificial sun goes to spontaneous nuclear reaction 
only a few atoms.  


We offer cheap license
        on this technology


We focus on developing the two most effective concepts, 5cm small fission-fusion
nanoreactor (based on verified thermonuclear nanometric permanent explosion)
with power about 20KW, and about 30cm fission-annihilation antigravity reactor (based
verified picometric supernova permanent explosion) with power about 600MW.

  The world's first fusion reactor works on the verified principle of thermonuclear
weapons. In the center of the Fission-fusion thermal reactor, inside plasma in the
vacuum chamber, we ignite gravitationally artificial sun (nuclear flares) in size of
1 nanometer, for spontaneous fission and sequentially fusion reaction. So, in the
focus of plasma is ignited a small nanometric permanent thermonuclear explosion.
   In comparison to Tokamak, which has only a high temperature, we have in reactor
high temperature, high density in the focus of plasma, high gravitation, high density
of gamma photons. For commercial use, we decreased the serial manufacturing price
from $30billions (ITER) to a few dollars. We decreased the size from 15meters to
5cm. We increased about 30-300 times efficiency and safety, compared to today's
nuclear power stations.
  This reactor has no radioactive waste, but can burning any used nuclear fuel in
100%, for one reactor need only one pellet (gram of radioactive material). From
spent fuel of one obsolete nuclear power station every year we can make
20million new reactors (which can generate 300-30000 times more energy).


  The world's first nuclear annihilation reactor works on the principle of a supernova.
In the center of the reactor, inside plasma in the vacuum chamber, we ignite
gravitationally nanometric artificial sun, and inside is ignited picometric gravitational
hole for spontaneous annihilation reaction. The Fission-annihilation antigravity reactor
(E=mc^2) is 30000 times more effective than today's nuclear power stations (is 100
times smaller and 1000 times cheaper).  
  As propulsion has thrust about 100 tons, and in atmosphere accelerate to Mach9,
in space accelerate to lightspeed. In comparison to chemical rockets is antigravity
propulsion 10 times cheaper (repeatedly use 1000 times cheaper). In comparison
to jet engines (with service and fuel) is antigravity propulsion about 10 times cheaper.


Comparates to today's concepts:
- Tokamak is a wrong fake copy of "Die Glocke" (of the first generation of this
  technology) without understanding physics,
- inertial fusion (NIF) is the right way, but inertially they can increase gravity 10
  times, but we increasing of gravity 100-1000 times and using continual gamma
  laser 1MW, for effective fusion.

       Gravi-nuclear Reactor is verified technology

   The gravi-nuclear reactor uses all advanced civilizations in the galaxy, because exist
only one physic, so if peoples will figure it out soon, can will be soon, the end of the
energy crisis, if not it will be the end of civilization. With this technology was
established many of the first civilizations, not only on planet Earth. These civilizations
were created around megalithic buildings that were built by the tools of the gods.
used two tools Vajra - a thunderbolt, lightning
blade, or Scepter for a cutting of
stone blocks (fission-fusion reactor for generating
gamma beam), and Winged Sun -
antigravity transporter (fission-annihilation
antigravity reactor) (later imitations -
king's scepter and orb). Both technologies
are used in the best toy of gods - Thor's
hammer (generates the thunderbolt and enables anigravitational flight).

Gravi-nuclear Reactor is only one energetic technology,
 which can long-time sustain civilization on the planet,
    because there is only one physics in the universe.

For highly profitable projects, we prepare startup
companies in multiple industry sectors - space, energy,
                   transportation, and defense.

Every prognosis about our civilization ending in 2050, so the end of fossil fuels (oil and
gas), will be probably the end of civilization. For the realization of all projects, in 30
years are necessary to invest $1-10billions in multiple products and multiple businesses,
with possible profit in
$1-10trillions. For a quick start and protection before an energetic
crisis, we will
establish a few startup companies.

   The company will develop a small source of cheap clean energy, a Gravi-nuclear
fission-fusion reactor - about 3-5cm small 1-20KW safe source of thermal energy,
which can power single-family homes. The reactor is very safe because of uses only a
few grams of less radioactive Thorium, and Deuterium, and gamma radiation deflector.
So the main product will be heaters of water for a single-family home. 
So, a complete
water boiler will cost similar to a gas boiler (but you save money for gas).

5cm Gravi-nuclear fission-fusion reactor with 50cm heat exchanger

   The company will develop a small source of cheap clean energy, a Gravi-nuclear
fission or fission-fusion reactor - about 5cm small about 20KW safe source of energy,
which can power single-family homes or car. 
With a magnetoplasma generator
(5x5x50cm), or with a water pyrolytic reactor, that can be used for powering a car.
  Our nanoreactor generates a gamma beam, which can be directly changed to thermal,
chemical, mechanical, or electric energy.  A gamma beam deconstructs compounds into
elements, so from the air (H2O + CO2) can generate ethanol and methane (sustainable
carbon recycling technology), and this cheap synthetic fuel can be used for classic cars.
This small reactor in car can from water generate cheap H2+O for piston engines, or
simple rotation engines, or turbine engines.

                                                GNR + pyrolytic reactor
   If will get higher funding, we will develop a small lightweight mobile power station
1-100MW, based on a fission-annihilation reactor (to 1MW with lightweight
piezo-generator, or to 100MW with magnetogenerator. Nuclear power stations need
to meet many safety rules, so this development will be more expensive. To realize
this project is necessary to invest minimally $30-50million (to build a demonstrator
power station) because we need to meet a high safety level.
  This company will organize ecological liquidation of spent nuclear fuel too, from one
a pellet of spent nuclear fuel can get 300-30000 times more energy.

A 30cm small antigravity Fission-annihilation
reactor can directly rotate by an axis of the
generator (1-100MW). So, the complete
nuclear power station has about 2 meters
small, and it is 1000 times cheaper than
today's nuclear power stations.


    The company will develop an unlimited source of cheap clean energy, 1m small
Gravi-nuclear fission-annihilation anti-gravity reactor generates about 600MW
antigravity energy. As antigravitational propulsion, they can transport objects under
20ton in 1-2 hours to anywhere on Earth, without any pollutions. The Fission-annihilation
reactor is 30000 times more effective than today's reactors (annihilation of mass E=mc2)
and about 1000 times cheaper.
   This technology can replace all fossil fuel engines - for transportation and generation
of energy (cars, ships, airplanes, trains, and power stations and heaters). So, technology
can have a big impact on multiple industry sectors, but for a profit of $1-10trilion a year,
needs to be invested $1-10billion to the multiple single products. For a quick start with
the possibility of minimum investment, and highly profitable with minimum risk, and
maximum safety can be selected one project - it is launch satellites to orbit.
    Most profitable is launch satellites on-orbit (from ESA cost $100million, SpaceX
$50million) we can decrease the price on $10million and dominate on the market what is
about 100 launch a year. We will offer the service of launch, or sell antigravity
propulsion. So, for this project is necessary to invest only $20million, and in 5-10
years of development, can be revenue in about $100-500million a year.
     The basic version for launch needs to run only 5 minutes to any orbit, so can run
without cooling on the battery. Safety is solved with a distance minimum of 50m from
igniting launcher, 5-minute running, and after disconnection of the satellite will engine
completely burns in atmosphere. To increase efficiency will develop a second version,
which can return back and can be used repeatedly. This new version can return satellites
on repair, refueling, or for an upgrade, and for cleaning space from cosmic waste. This
version can be used as a transporter for transporting any 20ton container from anywhere
on Earth to anywhere in 2 hours (to developing Winged Sun Transporter need to invest
minimally $100million - from profit, and 10 years for the realization of the product).
   Company for sophisticated missions in space, like mining on asteroids.  
The third version for long-distance travel, with the possibility of mining on asteroids
in the solar system, can return back to Earth every month with 20tons of gold, or
platinum, or other rare elements
(in value $1billion). For mining on asteroids need to
be invest minimally $100million - from profit. Antigravity propulsion in pulse mode
generates antigravity shocking waves which can scan all asteroids in the solar system,
so in few months can know from lighting echo precise composition of all asteroids,
for effective mining.

  With anti-gravitational propulsion, we can travel to the deep Universe, at lightspeed.
The energy of the annihilation of a nucleus - energy of Small-Bang generates a
small expanding new universe (time-space deformation). This deformation,  expanding
time-space on the back of the starship creates an anti-gravitational thrust, which
accelerates the starship.


    Fourth-generation antigravity propulsion allowed personal transportation thanks
to the high stability of reactor and antigravity shocking waves disruptor. Acceleration
1G creates standard gravity in the cabin for a long time of comfortable travel. 
We can
travel deep to the universe - with acceleration 1G can be in 5 days on Mars and 6 years
to Proxima Centaury B.
    Fifth-generation antigravity propulsion can use a 0G pillow when the pilot floats
between +G and -G, but starship can accelerate 10G. For high safety of pilots need to
invest to developing minimally $300million (
from profit, and 10 years for the realization
of the product)
     Winged Sun Transporation     
This technology is most profitable (in multiple trillion dollars a year) but needs to
be invested minimally $300million, to guarantee safety. With antigravitational
transporter can be transported containers (or any cargo, or car with tourists) in 1-2
hours anywhere on Earth (lift up 20ton and maximum speed in atmosphere is Mach9,
in space lightspeed). Similar technology was used to build pyramids and other
megalithic monuments. Thanks to this technology were created many civilizations
on Earth, and can save our civilization, after the end of fossil fuels. It is an ideal
transportation technology, and the Winged Sun Transportation can replace all cars,
trucks, trains, ships, airplanes without any pollutions. Winged Sun Transportation
technology is designed to peace world because not respected the border of states
(cargo is delivered over space, from parking space, to parking space).


                    Advanced Technology

    THOReX        "Technologies of Gods"
The company will develop "toys of gods" on-demand. With knowledge of
advanced physic, we will develop - Vajra, Thor's Hammer, Winged Sun, and
flying saucer UFO (Vimana). It is the lost technology, of our (ET) ancestors.

Vajra (scepter) is a personal nuclear weapon - a thunderbolt blade. Vajra
generates a gamma beam, which can cut off a 20 tons block of stone in a few
minutes (cutting 500 times quickly than diamond tools). The thunder effect
is generated by a closed of vacuum ion channel in the air.

   Thor's Hammer
Thor's Hammer is a combination of Vajra and Winged Sun, for personal
antigravity flying and generating thunderbolts blade effect. Thor's Hammer has
a simple construction, and the start of the antigravity reactor is realized by
rotation of the hammer. Vectorization of thrust is made by the angle of the handle.
A person is hanging on the steel cable on a climber harness. Higher thrust than
weight go up, and lower thrust goes slowly to down.  Is necessary to say, for daily
use you need to have retroviruses to repair DNA defects, which cause the
cold start of the antigravity reactor (so near to the body). We develop an
external starter for a safe start of the engine (20m from starting of the engine).
   Flying saucer - UFO
UFO is a most controverted object and exists in multiple designs, but the basic
difference is the possibility of traveling on high G on an antigravity pillow.
With the high precision and stability of the nanometric deflector in the engine, we
can linearly regulate the power of the antigravity reactor and use an antigravity
0G pillow. So, flying saucer can accelerate with more than 10G, without any
injury of the human body, because inside is the zone from -G to +G, so in distance
about 1meter upside of the reactor is a zone with 0G, where floats body on gravity
pillow. Long time traveling is good in the +1G zone in the front cabin of a starship
(failure engine - nonlinearity of antigravity (pulsating gravity) on short distance
can cause damage of DNA, without disruptor of antigravity shocking waves), but
in a short time, when accelerating in the atmosphere is OK. For better safety is
good to have an antigravity shocking wave disruptive shield. The flying saucer
with 20ton can accelerate in the atmosphere to max speed Mach 9, in space to
lightspeed. Under a water can accelerate to 300km/h (USO). This technology has
TRL9 because similar was copied and was secretly tested 75 years, under the
cover name UFO. So, ten thousand peoples probably observed real UFO.

Antigravity engine can be used as deep space radar. Generated pulse antigravity
shocking waves ignite secondary photon emission in mass. Thanks to lighting echo
we can see every object in space, including distance and chemical composition.
It is used for traveling at lightspeed, and for mining on asteroids.

Breakthrough Annihilation Antigravity Propulsion
With antigravity propulsion, we can travel to the deep Universe, and can
                         colonize our galaxy.
It is the first time in the history of our civilization, that we can colonize the whole galaxy.

All these technologies is based on Unified Theory of Everything
              Unified Theory of Everything            
              The first breakthrough in understanding how works the Universe.
Unified Theory of Everything (by Jan Zacek from Prague), based on the Unified Model of Particles
(replaces non-functional standard model), in which the Theory of Relativity works at the level of
particles and sub-particles and thus replaces all quantum theories (A. Einstein citation: "God does
not play dice with the universe."). Only in the new model can we fully understand the Theory of
Relativity, where the world is much more relative, where time and space dilation has to be
accounted for whenever matter or motion is present, and where our meter and clock changes
depending on the density of space-time and therefore on the presence of matter in the surroundings
(previously this was referred to as the uncertainty principle). It must be understood that the relative
speed of photons is completely different (dependent on the local density of spacetime), but we
always measure a constant, due to the dilation of time and space (dilation of our meter and clock,
which must be inside the frame). By accounting for the dilation of time and space, we can now
calculate everything and calculate it accurately even at the particle level. So fundamental errors
in physics, such as the rejection of the aether, the uncertainty principle, quantum theory, and dark
matter, were only due to a misunderstanding of Relativity Theory in a non-functional model of
particles. Dark matter and Dark energy are functions of spacetime, Dark matter represents the
density of spacetime (errors in the calculations are caused by not accounting for the time and
space dilation), and Dark energy represents the repulsive gravitational force of spacetime
sub-particles (aether). First time in history, UToE explained gravity and repulsive gravitational
force. In the new Unified Model, there are only two fundamental forces, electromagnetic
and gravitational (the gravitational force is the strong force in the obsolete model). It is the
new model of space-time - sub-particles, particles and structures that explains how time,
space and gravity are created (it also explains the repulsive gravitational force, currently referred
to as the strong force and also called dark energy). In the new model, the fourth dimension is not
relative time, but the speed of time, which corresponds to the density of spacetime (in the old
model, this corresponds to dark matter and also to the refractive index of light). So the fourth
dimension is the most important parameter because it affects everything we observe (time,
dimension, speed of light, weight). The new model of particles is unified because it is based on
the unity of matter and energy, where particles of matter and particles of energy (spacetime) are
made up of the same sub-particles (electrinos and positrinos), only with different gravitational
bonding - free or fixed (so annihilation, or the emergence of matter from spacetime is just a
change in the bonding of the sub-particles). So the fundamental particles of matter (stable in
spacetime and empty space) are electrons, positrons, and neutrinos and the particles of
spacetime are energon (bubble of spacetime foam) and the structures of spacetime are photon,
graviton, and gravitational shock wave, antigravity and the structures of matter are proton,
neutron, and black hole. The atom is then the structure of the structures of matter and spacetime.
Part of the UToE is the Unified Cosmological Model, based on the recycling of matter and
energy through the structures of nested universes in main and secondary sequences. This theory
explains all the mysteries of physics and is thus thousands of years ahead of its time. With this
knowledge, the fission-fusion reactor and the fission-annihilation antigravity propulsion system
were built, with the help of which the first civilizations (megalithic buildings including pyramids)
were founded, not only on Earth. The anti-gravitational propulsion is based on the principle of
the repetitive Big Bang and the expansion of a new dense universe (spacetime) within the old
universe, the inflation of the new universe as it absorbs matter generates a gravitational pull away
from the center of the explosion and it is this " antigravity" a force that allows interstellar travel at
the speed of light.  In the new Unified Cosmological Model, the UToE explains the cycles of
nested universes, where and how matter is created, and how it recycles over energy across the
structures of universes. Explains how the major and minor universes are formed and therefore
how the CMB and ORC, which are the boundaries of these universes, are formed.

          Thanks to the knowledge of the Unified Theory of Everything,
                                         we have a thousand years lead. 
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