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                       Energy Efficient Technologies
         "The end of fossil fuels is really near, and time is running out.
Without reducing energy consumption, we can count on a global Blackout."

        Zero Watt Lighting 
                        world's most effective and reliable lighting technology
    100 years lifetime,   dimming under measurable level of consumption.   
Light up your home without paying an electricity bills.
                      This technology can help save civilization after global blackout .
  ---------------------------RESEARCH PROJECT----------------------------
             Tiny Power Supply
                               world's smallest power suplies
           Based on New topology - Quarter Bridge Push-Pull semi-resonant,
        it is 4-10 times smaller then switching power supply (
efficiency 90-95%). 

                 60W module                                     NEW notebook PSU - 40W
 Notebook's PSU 40-60W can fit to small telephone charger enclosure, with 40 gram weight.

  --------------------------SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS---------------------------  
     Breakthrough Energetic Technology
       unlimited source of cheap and clean energy

         Gravi-nuclear Reactor (Fusion, Fission, Annihilation)
Gravi-nuclear Reactor is first reactor ever, which can fusion or fission anyone of elements.
This new type of nuclear reactor can burn almost any mass to energy. Gravi-nuclear Fusion
Reactor is a very small nuclear reactor, which needs much less energy to initiate fusion
reactions, because energy is focused to a small 1um ignition area, therefore can be initialized
from car battery. The main principle of this reactor is based on increase gravitation, similar to
star. It is hybrid system, with electrostatic acceleration, magnetic focusing pinch, and graviton
laser, in 3DX focusing chamber. This is world's first nuclear reactor, which met all three
conditions like on sun, high temperature,high density of plasma, and high gravitation.
Gravi-nuclear Reactor, with higher initiating energy, can run in annihilation mode, which is
more energy effective.

        Gravi-nuclear Propulsion (Fusion, Fission, Annihilation)
Gravi-nuclear Propulsion (Fusion, Fission, Annihilation) it is world's first technology for
traveling to nearest star systems, with speed near to light speed. Gravi-nuclear fission
propulsion is a small and lightweight plasma jet, which can use as fuel less radioactive element
such as Thorium, or nonradioactive Mercury. Nuclear propulsion is similarly small, but much
more effective with higher thrust than any electric-only propulsion system. Gravi-nuclear fusion
nuclear propulsion is more powerful, but requires higher initial energy (possible bigger solar
panels), as fuel: it uses deuterium. Gravi-nuclear annihilation nuclear propulsion need much
higher initial energy, but can use interplanetary gas or any mass as fuel.

                                 Fully functional Warp Drive
Gravi-nuclear Propulsion in annihilation mode can be use as an anti-gravitational warp drive,
for traveling to the deep universe at light speed. Annihilation energy of a nucleus (energy of
small bang) is used to generate timespace deformation. This anti-gravitational deformation of
timespace on the back of a starship creates gravitational thrust, which accelerates the starship.
Fuel can be any interplanetary gas and dust or any mass.

With Warp Drive, we can travel to deep universe, and we can colonize our galaxy.


                         Theory of Everything
                    Theory of Everything , will start a revolution in science.
Theory of Everything is based on new unified models of fundamental particles, timespace,
and timespace structures, atoms, and universe. This theory can explain every today
mysteries of physics - like gravitation, mass action, dark energy, dark matter, interactions,
what is time, photon, graviton, time-space, how works atoms and universe etc.. Thanks
Unified Theory of Everyting in next few decades it will be for us new nuclear age, when we
will use massively nuclear energy from small non-radioactive nuclear reactors and drives.

This theory is about everything because primary define and explain time-space which fill
99.99% (almost everything) of our universe, and it is most important substance in universe.
Peoples is in interaction with two basic substances in universe - the mass and energy, but
both represents timespace structures - graviton and photon. Timespace - it is not nothing,
have fundamental particle and sub-particle, and it is carrier of fields and repsents itself
energy and mass. In universe is the mass in minority, it is only anomaly in timespace.
Unified is because this theory unify mass and timespace (
energy), because both is build
from the same two fundamental sub-particle.
This theory explains how and why the Theory of Relativity works, especially explain
how that works on particle level. Theory also explains why we was need to use, until now,
quantum mechanics, and why, we see anything else, than really happen,
and also explains
Mass–energy equivalence,
explains Wave–particle duality, and other effects like e.g.
quantum tunneling. This new models replaces quantum theories, and confirms and
improove the Theory of Relativity. Unified Theory of Everything finally returning
theoretical physics from mad quantum theories back to reality
(and realize Albert Einstein's dream).

  ToE defined fundamental postulates, on which works physical laws. Unified model define
particles of timespace foam - Energons and subparticles electrinos and positrinos, like basic
particles of our universe, which creates timespace, and energetic fields, like electrostatic,
electromagnetic, gravitation, time, light. The same subparticles in other form creates all
fundamental particle of mass, like neutrinos, electrons and positrons. Explains how exchange
this form, from energy to mass, and mass to energy. Define timespace structures photon and
graviton, as most important elememts in world, which represents energy and the mass.  This
theory build new cosmology, explains what was before the big-bang, and how our universe
was created, and what is relic radiation, and every cycles of our universes.
  With this knowledge, in the near future we can manufacture miniature nonradioactive
gravi-nuclear reactors, as a source of clean and cheap energy for homes and cars, and in far
future gravi-nuclear propulsion for traveling to deep universe.

First breakthrough in understanding how everything in universe works.
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